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    Dementia Research, Play your Part

    Dementia Research, Play your Part
    February 6, 2020 ZNOCzVQHpB

    Play your part in dementia research with Alzheimer’s Society


    They need people without dementia to download a free app and play brain games for five minutes every day for a month

    Taking part in GameChanger is simple.

    Join thousands of others and help us drive dementia research forward simply using your smartphone.

    1. Sign up to the GameChanger research project
    2. Download the app to your smartphone
    3. Begin playing fun, free brain games!



    What is GameChanger?

    GameChanger is a research project led by University of Oxford and supported by Alzheimer’s Society.

    Over12,000 people are now supporting dementia research simply using their smartphones.

    Why should you be a GameChanger?

    It will help us understand more about how the brain works to support research that could prevent, slow down, or even stop the progression of dementia in future. 

    Researchers can paint a picture of how the brain works from the way we interact with our smartphones. If researchers know more about how the brain works, they hope to be able to spot the very early changes in the brains of people with dementia in the future, and use this information to develop new treatments.   

    Unite with thousands of others across the UK and be a GameChanger. Simply download our app and playing fun, free ‘brain games’ for five minutes each day for a month. 


    Find out more at:


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